Monday, October 19, 2009

KGEZ's first blog

What exactly is a blog? We hope that this forum will soon be a place for all to express their opinions, share stories, vent about rights being trampled, etc....


  1. Interesting direction you are taking by publishing this blog John. I eagerly look forward to your input and updates on the legal action to regain the airwaves.
    If you would like to comment on my blog it's at
    I can't wait until I can get on the air with you again and talk about Freedom and communications, and precious metals.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. fuck you

    you're not going to broadcast unless there's a station in prison

    I really hope someone gets you, soon!

  4. Takes balls to make comments like that yet remain annonymous, Im impressed. Nice of someone like this to post this kind of comment on a family friendly website. Idiot's talk big yet hide behind their screens.. Your impressive, how does the saying go ... I may be crazy but this person is obviously stupid, stupid is terminal. There Ill remain annonymous too, thats how impressed I am with this moron, He hopes someone gets you soon, cause he doesnt have the balls to say it to your face, wants someone else to deal with it. People that talk dont do anything , they just have over flow of stupidity they have no control over, yea Id be worried about this one, lol. You all will be just fine, no sweat, this ones not able to get over his issues obviously,

  5. Hello to you all!! It sure has been quiet since we lost our "town hall meeting" forum. So sad! I personally loved our diversity because-- everyone has a story, whether we agreed or not, the conversations that occured every day(almost) were FASINATING! Don't you agree? I hope we are still fighting the good fight against vaccines, aerosol spraying, health care "reform". That one really pisses me off because I don't want health insurance!!!! It's a SCAM. Take care my friends.
    Chris Branden